5 Best, Epic & Unforgettable Fights In ‘Naruto Shippuden’

jiraiyas death-min.jpgJiraiya’s Death

One of the most unforgettable deaths in the series is the pervy sage’s. It was unexpected but as he set out to confront his previous students, his win is indefinite as Pain along with Conan attacks Jiraiya with all their might. Jiraiya is then disabled by the Six Paths of Pain amid activating his Sage mode and was defeated amidst having his summoned frog sages with him. The Asura Path along with the others then stabbed him to death. After hearing Jiraiya’s death, Naruto then sets out to defeat Pain. The battle then featured Naruto’s Sage mode which proved that he increased his power. Pain is then defeated by Naruto once and for all.

sasuke itachi-min.jpgSasuke Vs. Itachi

The brother’s fated fight began with trading Genjutsus followed by Ninjutsus as Itachi tells the tale about the Mangekyo Sharingan to his brother. After trading blows, Sasuke resorts to unleashing Orochimaru. Itachi then took all his effort to seal Orochimaru and remove Sasuke’s cursed seal. Itachi then seals his Amaterasu to Sasuke in order to protect him from Madara and then slowly succumb to his death.

guy vs madara-min.jpgGuy Versus Madara

Madara is known to be the most powerful shinobi as of that moment as nobody could stop him. Guy then step into the scene to unlock his life-threatening 8 Gates. He then activates the gates one by one as he beats Madara in full throttle. Madara helpless after receiving powerful hits from Guy, claims that Guy is the most powerful shinobi that he had ever faced before. The battle then leads to Guy pushing himself to his limit unable to deliver the finishing Evening Elephant blow to Madara. Amid the efforts of Guy, Madara is still alive.

team7 vs kaguya-min.jpgTeam 7
Versus Kaguya

The Mother of All Chakra appears from Madara’s body as it shocked all shinobi as the Infinite Tsukuyomi was casted. She then teleported Team 7 and Obito Uchiha to a dimension which she said that she will eliminate them all. After managing to prevent themselves scathed by Kaguya, Naruto uses his Sexy: Reverse Harem Technique to distract Kaguya. Still unshaken, she separated Naruto and Sasuke but was still reunited. Yet, she managed to kill Obito when he protected Naruto and Team 7. Naruto and Sasuke then were able to use their Six Paths: Chibaku Tensei granted by the Six Path Sage to throw Kaguya into a void sphere along with Zetsu.

naruto sasuke-min.jpgNaruto Versus Sasuke

After the Great Ninja War scene with Kaguya, Sasuke decides to become the Hokage, rewrite history and start a new shinobi era. Of course, Naruto is against it. The two protagonist then faces off in the statue of Hashirama and Madara.
Sasuke and Naruto then fight to their death amid having less chakra due to fighting Kaguya. Nobody holds back as they use both their full energy to fight for what they believe in. Naruto obviously won thanks to his strong-willed Ninja Way and concluded that Sasuke is his friend that is why he goes to lengths to him. However, the two loses one of their arms and then leads Sasuke to start his journey as the Shadow Hokage who protects Konoha behind the scene.


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